Big Tree walk

We were fortunate to join Rick & Karlene for a big tree walk on their property on Province Road one recent sunny Sunday afternoon.

Maybe 10 years ago, Rich & Karlene purchased 100 acres of forest near their home so they could continue their forest stewardardship once they sold the Christmas tree (fortunately to us). We thoroughly enjoyed the walk — not only are they so full of interesting knowledge about trees, but their enthusiasm is infectious.  Of course, I probably don’t need much encouragement to get a bit excited about trees!

We saw some of the oldest, biggest trees on the property, from white pines to oaks and we talked about all kinds of things from forest ecology and psychology to mycology.  I’m eager to get Rich & Karlene to offer this walk & talk as a public presentation.  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll see if we can get them on board with a date!

Here are some images from our walk:

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