About Us

In July 2013, the Gaudreau family acquired Third Stone Farm from Mike, Rich, and Karlene to continue their tradition of a family run, exclusively organically grown, sustainable tree farm. Read below to learn more about us and the history of our beautiful farm.

Eco-artist Tim Gaudreau is passionate about the environment and the interconnections between people and nature.  His work combines photography, video, new-media, graphics, and sculpture with humor and irony to create collaborations that advocate for a greater awareness of eco-issues and empowerment.  His work initiates… read more

Tim’s art website: http://www.timgaudreau.com

As a college student and activist, Atlanta realized that she wanted her professional work to align with her values and vision for a better world.  She started her career as a political organizer and subsequently worked in the non-profit, for profit, and international development sectors in a variety of campaign, communications, and management roles… read more

Willow counts her age in fractions.  She  enjoys trips to the beach, rides on boats, visits to ice cream stands, coloring and crafts, swinging without being pushed, stories about fairies, and camping at Third Stone Farm.  Willow is a budding performer acting in numerous plays as well as voice and piano recitals.


Biscuit Gaudreau joined the farm family in 2020 and is now the youngest member of our crew.  After a bit of training, Biscuit has found his niche, including herding workers, chasing chipmunks and making sure Tim doesn’t miss a single stick left on the ground.  After a hard days work, he especially likes to unwind by rolling around in turkey poop.


Bill “Pat Brady” Kelloway came out of retirement from the tech industry to be our chief of mowing operations. Each week during the summer season, you’ll find Bill buzzing along on his favorite zero turn mower keeping the youngest of trees from being overcome by our tenacious grass. (Unless he’s snacking on chicken tenders down at the White Buffalo!)  Looking for sharp lines and golf course like turf, then Bill’s your guy.


When it comes down to it, so much of our work is a family affair.  Whether it’s planting the seedlings in the spring, mowing the fields throw the summer, maintaining the equipment in the fall, or opening up for harvest in the winter — we just couldn’t do it without all of the generous help from our family and friends, (who are not all pictured here!).


In 2014, we founded Willow Brook Farm & Art Center on land across the street to  inspire environmental responsibility and sustainability though permaculture, small-scale organic farming and the arts. http://willowbrookfarmnh.org

A little TSF history…

In 1979, three close friends, Mike Burke, Rich Miller, and Karlene Normandin purchased the original 18 acres of forested land in Barnstead, NH to pursue their shared dream to create a farm.  With hatchets, oxen, and a team of friends they began the arduous task of hand clearing the land and laying the groundwork (literally) for what was to become Third Stone Farm.


Mike, Karlene & Rich — the original Third Stone Christmas Tree Farm.

Mike, Rich and Karlene had a vision to build a sustainable farm without the use of chemicals.  Over the years they learned how to become true stewards of the land, responsibly harvesting lumber from to build the barn, cabin, and outhouse and learning how to replenish the nutrients in the soil naturally.  Each summer, they sowed newly ploughed fields with buckwheat and then churned the grown plants into the soil at the end of the summer to fertilize the soil for next Spring’s tree planting.  They learned how long to let the ground lay fallow before planting new trees.

The farm opened for business in 1990 and has provided families with trees, traditions, and holiday memories ever since.

When the three friends bought the farm, they made a pact that they would sell the farm in 2013. They hoped to find a buyer who would continue the farm but didn’t know if they would find one.

Two of the founders of the farm, Rich & Karlene with us and Willow sitting in a “tree limo”

Two of the founders of the farm, Rich & Karlene with us and Willow sitting in a “tree limo”

When Tim and Atlanta first visited the property, they realized what a remarkable place they had discovered.  They were struck by the natural beauty of the site and their own commitment to sustainability that was embedded into the farm’s growth and operations.

As an eco-artist and CSA farmer, Tim saw the farm as an extension of his art and his commitment to live sustainably. Atlanta, a corporate social responsibility professional, was excited to steward the land for future generations and to make the holiday season even more magical for her family and others.  They both saw the farm as the perfect place for their four year old daughter to run free in the trees and to grow up with a hands on experience of caring for the land.

All three Gaudreaus, also love the Christmas season for its many traditions including choosing a tree (Tim proposed to Atlanta under the lights of a Christmas tree), trimming the tree (with the same, somewhat threadbare, garland Tim used as a child), having cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning, and sharing thoughtful gifts with those they love.

Since July 2013, the Gaudreau’s have worked with Rich, Karlene and Mike to learn how to care for the trees and manage the farm.  We’ve been working hard this summer and we’re all excited to see you during this special, transitional season, for Third Stone Farm.