Spring 2014 scheduled tree planting it postponed!

We originally planned to plant 4/19, but pushed it back to 4/26 to discover that this is still going to be too early this year.

Can you believe that?  The farm growing our seedlings is still covered in frost & they can’t pull the trees out of the ground yet.

They’re in Vermont a bit further north & they have been wholloped by a long cold winter.

At this point, I’m hoping to get the seedlings for planting on Thursday May 1st, but that might be wishful thinking as the farmer was thinking another 10 days before he could get into the field.  Our back up plan is to plant upon our return from Mexico on May 12.

Why not plant May 12th anyway?  Well, it’s important to get the seedlings into the ground BEFORE they break bud and come out of dormancy.  After that, they don’t transplant all that well.  So, if we have to plant on the 12th, I’m hoping that they’ll just be delayed enough to make that late season planting work out ok.

For future reference, no more vacation trips for April-May!

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