Our 2022 Open Info: 

New this year: The Friday after Thanksgiving — cutting by appointment now available!
Can’t make it on our opening weekend, then schedule an appointment here.

We plan to harvest 400 of our 6,000 trees of all sizes for the 2022 season. Each year we’ve been planting 1,000 (or more) trees to fill the 5 year planting gap from before we bought the farm in 2013.  The 2021 season marked the the moment that we have made it through and are harvesting the trees that we planted then.

We have a diminishing supply of trees over 9′ — if that’s what you’re looking for, make sure to come by early or call ahead.

DOGS: well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome.  Please plan to pick up after them.

Our open days are:

We’re starting our season Thanksgiving weekend.

We’re open Saturdays & Sundays 9 AM to 4 PM.

On the TWO weekends following Thanksgiving.

November 26th & 27th, 2022

December 3rd & 4th, 2022

All Premium trees start at $85 & up.

Our 2022 cut-your-own tree prices:

All trees under 8′ are $85

8′-9′ are $95

9′-10′ are $105

10′-11′ are $125

11′-12′ are $150

Trees over 12′ are $15/foot

Cash, check and credit cards are accepted.

Read this post for more info:

A note about 2022 pricing:

Every year, I struggle to find a balance in setting prices for our Christmas trees and this year is particularly challenging. In normal times (remember those days before a pandemic supply chain crush?) pricing is a balancing act to cover operating expenses and not price trees higher than everywhere else.   (The why we farm is easy: we love it because we get to do our own thing, on our own terms, and work outdoors.)

But now seedling costs have just about doubled, but add to that our whacky weather that demands that we double up on planting because we’ll lose so many trees to drought. Fertilizer and fuel costs have doubled.  Organic cover crop seed has skyrocketed.  Even basic supplies for equipment maintenance and repair have gone up easily more than 25%.  Certainly, our cost of business is higher than average by growing organically – we need more land in order to plant in blocks like we do.  Two years of field cover crop and seed purchase adds to it, maybe more losses because we don’t have irrigation.

If you value the experience of visiting a farm with your family to cut your own locally grown Christmas trees, enjoy some hot cider around a fire, maybe have a chuckle with an eccentric farmer, and take some photos, then please make a trip out to one of the many great cut your own tree farms around NH.  If you’re interested in supporting organic & sustainable farm practices, we’d love to have you visit our farm.