Here a hop, there a hop, everywhere a hop hop

In my eagerness to learn about all things hops, I have been “apprenticing” with hops grower and brewer Steve Allman of Canterbury Ale Works. The apprenticeship is supported by the Beginning Farmers program through NOFA-NH and it has given me a chance to learn about the whole hops thing from someone with a lot more experience than I have.  Steve has generously agreed to offer his knowledge and experience from his 3/4 acre hop yard on his farm.

Steve’s first year hops plants were ready for harvest, so I went over for an afternoon to help out.  It takes hops about 5 years before they reach full production, so we didn’t have a lot to pick this year.  We did get enough Cascade and Centennial for Steve to plan a beer in honor of the first hops harvest.

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