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With September comes time for our annual equipment maintenance on the farm.  I’ve tended to dislike these types of routine maintenance because I dislike getting covered in petroleum products and it always feels like a waste somehow to take seemingly fine oil and replace it with fresh oil.  Of course, I totally understand why one does this maintenance and I know that a properly tuned machine uses less fossil fuel, but I’m just saying that, in the act of doing these things, it just feels funny.  So, in my ongoing efforts to be as green as possible, I have recently sourced some new stuff that makes me eager to give the ol’ tractor an overhaul!

Check out these bio-based lubricants!



I got in touch with Glen Johnson of AutoBeGreen based in Exeter, NH and I got myself all sorts of things to try out that are all derived from plant and animal fat.  Oil! Not drilled out of the ground! Chain saw bar oil, wd40 type lubricants, 2-cycle oil, some lithium grease and even fuel stabilizer and, best of all, nothing to feel badly about.  It’s all top quality stuff, bio-degradable, and in green packaging.  He’s got other stuff, like antifreeze and hydraulic oil, too, I just didn’t need them this time around.

If you care about where your products come from, what your dollars fund or your environmental impact, I recommend giving Glen a call — he’ll set you up.  Not local to Exeter? No worry, with his Amazon store and shipping:

Would you believe the posting photo of the trees was taken by moonlight?

Well, here’s from the other direction, just backlit.


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