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Reflecting on a year

Yesterday, I posted a photo on Facebook of a crate of split firewood. The sun had set & the last bit of light was quickly fading with perfect timing to the finish of my firewood chores.  That crate was the last of 18 stacks of wood that I made this year: 12 crates for heating at home, 4 crates for maple sugaring, 1 crate for the pizza oven and campfires and a final crate for the cabin during Christmas tree selling season.  My back feels every single piece of firewood but it also knows a satisfying sense of accomplishment. With snow expected at the farm tonight, that last crate of wood marks the end of my seas
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2nd Annual TSF Staff Awards 2019

This year’s staff appreciation party was a hoot.  You all know sports, right? (You had to be there…) We definitely could get all of the farm work done with out all of the help and support from our friends and family.  The work is endless from planting trees, to mowing grass to pulling trees through the netter and feeding you hot cocoa.  My family deserves a medal.  Well, how about a wooden trophy, aka the TSF Tree Award presented during out staff appreciation dinner over the summer solstice. Marlene Martha Stewart for always trying to up our class Bill Pat Brady for not letting a hurt shoulder get in
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Climate Change panel

I recently had the privilege to join Senator Jeanne Shaheen and Representative Chris Pappas at the 2019 Climate Impacts Maple Breakfast hosted by the Union of Concerned Scientists at the University of New Hampshire. I was on the panel with Jennifer Wilhelm of the NH Food Alliance and Peter Whelan of Shoals Fly Fishing to discuss our observations and thoughts regarding the changes that we are witnessing and potential solutions.  I was pleased to see how well attended the event was with highly engaged students, climate scientists, farmers and generally a lot of people who love maple syrup. While there are many sign
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Pre-cut balsam: One more day

We’ve had a very busy season and we are now out of our own cut-your-own trees.  We have plenty of NH grown, pre-cut balsam fir still available for Saturday 12/15 9AM-4PM. 7-9′ trees — all are now $45.
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