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2021 Planting

It was tough to plant this year — just before we were scheduled to plant, we got a lot of rain. This year’s block was under water so we had to delay a day but fortunately we got some sun & wind for things to dry out. Who knows how many of the trees will survive given that each of the last several years’ weather had very little rain in May after planting. We planted 400 Canaan fir, 200 Balsam fir, 100 Korean fir this year. Thanks to Atlanta, Willow, Chris, Lou, Emory, Justin, Jenna, Karlene and Biscuit for all of the help.
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Closed for 2020 Season

There’s no way around it, 2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. Covid-19 has impacted the way we work and prevented some of our planned projects this year. The farm sits in the regional pocket of NH’s extreme drought classification.  That means we’ve had losses of our young transplants and growth has been stunted for the trees we were planning to cut this year. The farm looks surprisingly good for the lack of rainfall May through September, and overall, the health of the trees is great.  However, with the slower growth, we were going to have to limit tree cutting again this year to balance
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Sugar shack

After years of talking about building a sugar shack to house our maple syrup operation, 2019 became the year of action.  The work really began in the early winter making plans and designs and reading about how to build using timber frame techniques.  My goal was to use wood from the farm and without cutting any live trees.  There had been enough high wind damage from the last two winters that I was able to cut only dead trees for the construction.  In April and May, I cut down the trees, sized the logs and dragged them to the sawmill.  At the end of May, Chris and I spent a week of long days sawing the logs for t
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