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Ornare Malesuada Egestas


Biscuit Gaudreau joined the farm family in 2020 and is now the youngest member of our crew.  After a bit of training, Biscuit has found his niche, including herding workers, chasing chipmunks and making sure Tim doesn’t miss a single stick left on the ground.  After a hard days work, he especially likes to unwind by rolling around in turkey poop.
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New Carts

One of the big projects this summer was to make up some new tree carts. Our old wooden ones are getting tired and I could not find any more of the metal “tree limos” that we really like using. So, what’s a farmer to do? Make our own. With a bit of pipe bending and a fair amount of welding, we have added five more carts to our fleet. Even Willow got in on the action.
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The end of Summer

September tends to be a bittersweet time for me — the days are finally cooling off making it easier to work outside on the farm, but the sun goes down a bit too early and the kiss of winter’s cold is not far off. Each fall I notice the intensity of insect activity. Everything (everyone?) is rushing to accumulate resources before frost. Wasps and bees are amazing, if not aggressive. This year, I’ve found basketball sized wasp nests in several Christmas trees — usually by surprise. Chipmunks & mice fatten with seed stores and I see coyote fattened with them. I even saw a fisher recently.
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Sugar Shack

In 2019, I finally got to work on our long anticipated sugar shack so that we could boil sap under cover & out of the wind. During the early spring, I cut down white pine trees that had been blown over or broken during the last two winters. With Chris’ help for a week in May, we sawed logs into the timbers and used the scraps to make siding. I let the lumber dry over the summer and got to chiseling my mortices and tenons in September. It took about a couple of weeks to get the timbers ready for assembly with a goal of getting the frame up and a roof on before winter. Bill & I got to boil our sap und
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