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Getting back to work in 2023

May 20, 2023 On this spectacular spring Sunday afternoon, I find myself relaxing after a two-week whirlwind of farm work.  Two important things stand out about this moment: one, that I am relaxing, and two, that I am relaxing. Uh, what? As some of you already know, I fell from a roof in February.  As startling as a fall can be, that landing can be the real surprise.  In my case, I was exceptionally lucky to meet the ground with some grace. Three months later, with one six-inch surgical screw, five healed fractures and many hours of physical therapy under my belt, I can lounge in the
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Annual Maintenance

As cool nights and early sunsets roll into October, we squeeze out every last minute of the day in a last dash to get our farm work done before frost sets in. Mid July is always seductive with long, hot and dry days that tease that they’ll go one forever. Then late September reveals that conceit with the surprise of sunset while you’re still working. And so it goes, with the fall foliage, we make account of our season’s work, and repair the dents, dings and breaks to our equipment, hoping to stretch it all out another year.
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What a year!

This has been a stunningly dry year. So many times I have watched those predicted storms dissipate right as they passed over our farm. Yet another year or new transplant loss — it’s a good thing we planted extra. But, today, you’d never know we had a drought. The sky opened up and it came down like I have never seen it. Even hail! Let’s hope we get normal rain next year.
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