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Christmas Trees in the summer?

Sure, most people probably don’t think of Christmas trees so much when the birds are chirping and bees buzzing during the warm season we’re in right now. But, Nick & Kim have corrected me on that.  Back in December of 2013, they got engaged while at our farm choosing a...
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2015 Tree census

I did a tree census to see how many were left after the 2014 Christmas season.  I just thought it was interesting to compare a an image from October to one more recently.  I should dig out a 2013 image, too, too for comparison.  Anyway, this is just from the...
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2015 tree planting

Wow, 1,000 trees in the ground in one day! With such a late spring, it sure seemed like we would never be able to get out there into the fields to prep for this year’s trees.  Then suddenly it was summer and the trees were starting to come out of...
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Getting ready for 2015 planting

Thanks to Lou for helping out in early May to transplant trees from our query beds to fill for some of the 2014 babies that didn’t make it through our winter.  What a winter it was!  We lost 95 trees from the original 1,000. There’s Lou in the background running...
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2015 Tree planting coming up.

Hey farm friends! That 4′ of snow covering the fields three weeks ago is finally melted and the fields are beginning to dry out.  We still have snow in the woods as maple sugaring season winds down but our thoughts are turning to planting the Christmas trees. Winter was so...
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