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and so it goes

It seems the stars have recently aligned unfavorably.  I had just put the mowers back together to start the summer mowing.  The Cub needed a couple of minor parts to reattach the deck while the John Deere deck needed a complete overhaul.  I had to weld reinforcement steel onto the...
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After planting 1,000 trees at the beginning of May and 1,200 last spring, we need some real spring rain to get the trees of to a good start. It seems that we’ve gone about 4 weeks without more than a trace of rain and things have been unseasonably parched.  With...
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Christmas Trees in the summer?

Sure, most people probably don’t think of Christmas trees so much when the birds are chirping and bees buzzing during the warm season we’re in right now. But, Nick & Kim have corrected me on that.  Back in December of 2013, they got engaged while at our farm choosing a...
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2015 Tree census

I did a tree census to see how many were left after the 2014 Christmas season.  I just thought it was interesting to compare a an image from October to one more recently.  I should dig out a 2013 image, too, too for comparison.  Anyway, this is just from the...
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