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By the first weekend of August it sure seemed like we had owned the farm forever, but we realize that we had closed on it only just over 2 weeks before.  We’ve been enthusiastically engaged in shearing trees and learning what we need to know… but, let’s take a break...
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Oh, deere.

This week’s adventures in farming included plowing a second field for tree planting. Then I had to harrow both fields to cut up that sod as part of the process.  What I hadn’t realized that I also signed up for: getting my tractor stuck in a soggy spot in the...
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Deere John

For years I’ve been trying to talk Atlanta into letting me get a real tractor for our small CSA in Portsmouth to no avail. I had given up. But, yesterday Rich showed me all of the controls on the tractor at Third Stone Farm and I plowed my very first...
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