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New tool!

Check this baby out!  I’m very excited to try out my new tractor mounted, three point hitch pallet forks.  So many things around the farm are just too heavy for one person to move around very well, like that pallet of fertilizer that I just relocated.  The real reason, though,...
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Just getting in a little plowing practice with a half acre field for next year’s trees.  I’m surprised at how much subtle skill is required to do a good job at plowing.  The worse one does, the rougher the terrain is at the end of the process.  A block plowed...
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Looking ahead to next maple season

There’s a line of white pines that I’m eager to take out to open up some long forgotten apple trees and high bush blueberries.  This will be perfect wood for boiling maple sap next spring.  Thanks to Chris, Danielle & Scott, and Atlanta for helping out — there’s more trees...
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