Another day on the farm

So, you know that story where Tom Sawyer tricks his friend Ben to into painting that ol’ fence? Sometimes I surely feel like that, too.  With this week’s adventure on the farm, I was joined by my friend Jim who turned out to be eager & enthusiastic to join in the farm work fun. (Thanks for the help Jim!) I’m sure that he would have even paid the sum of a marble or jack just for the privilege.

We managed to finish up the pruning of our 2,500 Christmas trees on 8/15, just one month after taking over.  That one month is the general window for shearing the trees.  The goal is to trim the trees after they’ve had their major growth spurt but before the branches harden too much and leaving a one month window before the expected first frost.  That gives the cuts a chance to heal over before the growing is done for the season. Mission accomplished.

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