2nd Annual TSF Staff Awards 2019

This year’s staff appreciation party was a hoot.  You all know sports, right? (You had to be there…)

We definitely could get all of the farm work done with out all of the help and support from our friends and family.  The work is endless from planting trees, to mowing grass to pulling trees through the netter and feeding you hot cocoa.  My family deserves a medal.  Well, how about a wooden trophy, aka the TSF Tree Award presented during out staff appreciation dinner over the summer solstice.

Marlene Martha Stewart for always trying to up our class
Bill Pat Brady for not letting a hurt shoulder get in the way
Dani Michonne for being an all-round badass tree puller
Scott Sarah Palin Drill Baby Drill! auger work
Willow Buddy the Elf for most Christmas spirit & love of sugar
Atlanta Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees! unless they are Christmas trees
Amanda Old Man of the Mountain for the love of Cabin Fever
Lou Frank Jones for being quick with beer & spiking the cider
Beth Flash for “Marlene needs me!”
Christine Johnny Appleseed for best all-round newbie tree planter
Rich C3H6O3 for super human endurance
Karlene The Rock for being the hardest worker in all rooms
Jackie Hulk for the strongest back
Chris Betty Ross for keeping things calm and injury prevention
Chris Bridge John Q. Deere for fixing the tools that broke on the plains
Dad Olaf for optimism in the face of all farm crises
Deb Wyer Van Helsing for assembling a garlic planting team
Jim Burns Professor X for thoughtful solutions in the face of mortal danger
Erin Danu for always injecting magic into all gatherings

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