2015 tree planting

Wow, 1,000 trees in the ground in one day!

With such a late spring, it sure seemed like we would never be able to get out there into the fields to prep for this year’s trees.  Then suddenly it was summer and the trees were starting to come out of dormancy.  I think we just barely got the trees in before it was just a bit too late.

We couldn’t have done all of the work without all of the help from our generous family & friends.  A big shout out to Jim, Scott & Geoff for running the auger, Marlene (aka Mom) & Bill for root pruning, Ryan, Mike, Dani, Jackie, Jen, Wendy & John for planting, and Atlanta for food.  My mom seems to be angling for a promotion from Winter Season Beverage Supervisor to all- round food hostess — thanks for helping Atlanta to feed us all.  And, sure, you may be wondering, what yours truly was up to while everyone else was breaking a sweat planting trees?  Well, someone had to get the beer and make sure it was on ice!

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