1st Annual TSF Staff Awards 2018

When it comes down to it, so much of our work is a family affair.  Whether it’s planting the seedlings in the spring, mowing the fields throw the summer, maintaining the equipment in the fall, or opening up for harvest in the winter — we just couldn’t do it without all of the generous help from our family and friends.

In honor of all of the many folks who continue to make the farm a special place, we proudly announce our 1st Annual TSF Staff Awards for 2018.

These awards were presented during our staff appreciation dinner over the summer solstice.


Marlene Willie Wonka for chocolate pushing
Bill Carl Spackler for best groundskeeping skill
Dani Hulk for the strongest back
Scott Zoolander for style while pulling trees
McKenzie Buffy for vamprie slaying/garlic peeling
Willow Rudolph for most carts returned
Atlanta Scrooge for tightest grip on the money bags
Amanda Hermey for most sick days in a four day season
Lou Ben-Gay for sorest back
Christine Lard Boy for best donut treats
Rich Paul Bunyon for most glee at cutting trees
Karlene Amma for the best hugs
Geoff Jacob Marley for most spirit
Chris Flying Monkey for strategic use of grease and magic
River Pepper Minstix for being the cheeriest elf

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